After I receiving a Masters degree from UCLA in Theater Arts (motion pictures) I joined the Peace Corps and taught film at the University of Brasilia, Brazil.  Returning to California, I  worked in many facets of documentary and education film production and post production.  For the  last 30 years my company, Christopher Gray Post Production has specialized in video editing and post production support for independent features, documentaries, educational and corporate videos.


Recent jobs include;

"Liza, Liza, Skies Are Grey"  feature - color grading

and distribution support


"Catching Sight of Thelma and Louise" documentary feature - color grading and distribution support


"Beauty Bites Beast" feature documentary - color grading and distribution support


"Noah's Town"  music video - color correction


Vitra Design Museum - prepare and deliver 17 films by Charles and Ray Eames


"Meow Wolf" feature documentary - color correction

I was lucky to grow up with two artistic and creative parents in Seattle, Washington, a town where eclectic and foreign films were abundant and revered. I was always interested in film, from the time I was four years old. I knew a great shot when I saw one - Dustin Hoffman through Anne Bancroft's legs in The Graduate.  A favorite vision that has kept me company for my entire life and career. As a young teen I was an avid film buff, Herzog, Wenders, Truffaut, Woody Allen, and John Waters were inspiring and influential in the way I saw the world through film. I try to keep them in mind still when editing and creating.


My first job in film was a scenic artist for Roger Corman Studios. I lasted for a couple of years of craziness then ended up in post production at Christopher Gray Post Production where I’ve been since 1999. I do editing, audio mixing, graphics, titles and technical post production consultation at CG Post and on my own. I specialize in documentary shorts and features.


Some of the titles I have edited:

An Unexpected Win - Title IX and The Pinckney Pirates (Saving Grace Productions, 47 min.), Indian Country - The Rise of a New Generation (90 min.) and The Elders Speak (Stephen Fisher Productions, 4 min.), Nice Chinese Girls Don’t – Kitty Tsui (Abod/OLOC, 30 min.)


Audio Mixes:

Alex In Wonderland (Debbie Allen, 90 min.), Trumpetistically Clora Bryant (Zeinabu Davis, 52 min.), The Aluminum Group (VITRA/Eames Office, 8 min.), Return to Tarawa: The Leon Cooper Story (Discovery History, 90 min.)


My other passions in life include playing the drums, stop motion music videos with dolls and toys, and most importantly my doggies.